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Our story

Caravanserai of the 12th century, that was considered the”hotel”of the 12th century, which caravans, passing along the Silk Way, were resting.There are 2 entrances, one from the Caspian Sea and the other from the”Old City”. At the 20th century,it was used as a teahouse and after the 2000 years it turned into a UNESCO-saved historical monument.2010-2017, he acted as a restaurant Art Garden and now it is a restaurant-HAN. Our restaurant continues the activity of Azerbaijani, Turkish cuisine and STEAKS.A special dish Caburga Dolma,which requires 5 hours for cooked on its own steam. There are special dishes from the liver as-Parda Jiyar. Breakfast is also served in a national style.The traditional dishes of the Azerbaijani cuisine-Dushbara, Hangal, Yarpag Dolma, Saj Tava, Kababs, Gutabs, Fishes and Pilaws are included in menu. Also in our caravanserai there are 1 big area(400 guests) and 9 VIP rooms.Our guests enjoy not only delicious dishes from our menu,but also touch up to 900 years history.

Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.